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I hate the idea that Rose is a terrible role model because UM NO.

Sure she’s not a ~proper lady~, but fuck being a proper lady. Don’t conform to sexist expectations. Do your own thing!

And yeah, she’s not perfect. She DOESN’T handle her relationship with Mickey very well, but that’s important too! It’s ok to make mistakes!

I’d much rather have Rose, a character who sometimes acts selfish and who whole heartedly pursues what she wants and what is important to her than a character who does what is expected of her and what OTHER people want for her.

What I Learned From Rose Tyler

Rose Tyler certainly isn’t the only Doctor Who companion that I love, but she is very special to me. She’s the character who made me fall in love with the show, and she taught me a lot of important lessons.

1. Being in love is not a weakness. When a female character has a love story aspect to her narrative, it’s SO tempting for people to dismiss her as a ‘love interest’. But if you do that with Rose Tyler, you’re missing SO much about who she is as a person and what her arc is. Rose’s story is all about the journey to becoming a hero. And yes, there is a love story there. It’s a beautiful one and it doesn’t take anything away from who she is as a person. Being in love doesn’t make a person weak. It doesn’t make a female character weak. It’s ok to be in love!

2. It’s ok to be selfish. I think this is an important one for women to hear because SO often we’re encourage to put our families first and it isn’t BAD to do things for those you loved. Not at all! But you shouldn’t sacrifice your happiness for the sake of other people. Even though her mother wanted her to stay at home, Rose knew she wouldn’t be happy there so although she loved her

3. Scholastic success does not define your value as a person. Rose left school at the age of 16 after she took her GCSEs. She didn’t pursue higher education, but fuck you if you think that makes her stupid. She wasn’t. Rose was clever. She noticed things other people didn’t and she was quick to put two and two together.

4. Compassion does not make you weak. Rose Tyler cared about other people. She was kind and noticed when other people were hurting. But that doesn’t mean that she didn’t also save the world.

5. Coming from a so-called disadvantaged background does not make you a less worthy person. Rose grew up on a council estate and was working a low wage job in a shop. But she didn’t let that define her as someone not worthy of great things. Instead she took the chance to see the universe and she became the kind of person who earned the respect of UNIT.

6. It’s ok to not know what you want to do with your life, but once you figure out what it is you want to do, don’t be afraid to go after it! One of the reasons I fell in love with Rose was because when we first meet her, she’s kind of just going through the motions of life. She doesn’t know what she actually wants. And I related to that SO much. Because even though she doesn’t know what she wants, she eventually figures it out and won’t let anyone take it away from her. I love it! Rose pursues what she wants to do with her life wholeheartedly and it’s fantastic.

Who is the best Doctor Who companion of all time?

Everyone go vote for Rose if you love me!

Or even if you hate me!

Martha and Donna are good votes too, but Rose has the best shot of winning out of my three favorites so… Vote Rose!

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Do people really think that Rose Tyler was being anything but facetious in Doomsday when she responded with “So?” after the Doctor said that if he came through properly the two universes would collapse?


Seriously?? People who use this argument against Rose or use it to pit her relationship with the Doctor against RIver’s obviously didn’t understand Rose’s character in the first place. She wasn’t being serious. If the Doctor had responded with “Ok, I’ll come through then” there’s no way she would have let him do it! That’s not who she is. Her “so?” wasn’t serious; it was her trying to lighten a very dark situation. Just like the Doctor’s “quite right to” response. That’s their relationship.

Rose Tyler is not someone who would let entire universes get blown apart just so she could be with someone she loved. I think that she’s made that perfectly clear throughout the many episodes where she willingly sacrifices herself for others or the world. Even if “Aliens in London/World War Three”, Nine is faced with the decision of either saving the entire planet or losing Rose. He turns to Rose and pretty much lets her make the decision. She chooses to sacrifice herself, sacrifice her life with the Doctor, to save the world.

Just because you don’t understand the character type of Rose Tyler doesn’t mean that you can classify her as a clingy girlfriend who would sacrifice universes of destruction just so she could touch the love of her life one last time. River is not the only one who loved the Doctor with all their heart. All the companions loved the Doctor. Some romantically (Rose, River), some friendly (Donna, Amy, Rory), and some unrequitedly (Martha, Jack). And not one of those relationships lessened another. Stop pitting companions against each other.

I just can’t with some ignorant audience members. Rant over.

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Bad Wolf Meme | Happy & Sad

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Bad Wolf Meme / [2/4] Favourite Quotes

'Great big absorbing creature from outer space and…you're having a go at me?'

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Why the S1 arc is my personal favorite


Rose Tyler was not the mystery; there was nothing mysterious about Rose Tyler. Bad Wolf was not the answer to the question of “Who is Rose Tyler?”

Rose Tyler was the answer to “Why are we being followed by Bad Wolf?” She was the solution to the mystery.

She did extraordinary things just by being an ordinary person.