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5-Pack: O.P.I. Nail Polish Collection - Assorted Colors


Five bottles of OPI for $20. That’s $4/bottle!

Idk if I’m going to buy any because lmao I really need to stop buying nail polish. BUT I THOUGHT IT’D LET YOU GUYS KNOW.



tumblr olds roll call

I have been internet fanning for 21 years.



tumblr olds roll call

I have been internet fanning for 21 years.

Doing my nails!

Essie’s “It’s Genius” on my toes

and Butter London’s “Bluey” on my fingers

More girly TMI.

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MARTHA JONES APPRECIATION DAY, a day where we can celebrate Martha Jones (played by Freema Agyeman), the first black female companion on Doctor Who.

How to join:

Post something! Fanfic, fanart, gifs, graphics, meta, fanvid, cosplay… anything, really. Just make sure to tag your work with #martha jones appreciation day so other people can see it.

Please remember not to post any character bashing as it’s supposed to be a day of celebration.

I hope all of you can participate. See you then and have fun!

The new episode of Great British Bake Off hasn’t been uploaded to any of my usual torrent sites yet.

My sister is student teaching a 4th grade classroom right now.

And the school that she’s at doesn’t allow pets so the teacher has ‘class pets’ that are a pair of stuffed animal dragons. The kids take them home and then tell the class about what they did together.

I think that’s so cute. It’s my sister’s turn to take them home, so she’s taking them to do fun things.

Like going to the spa to get her eyebrows done. LMAO.

The fourth graders also invited my sister to be part of their book club. So she’s reading Old Yeller right now.

TMI under the cut to protect your delicate sensibilities.

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aleriehightower replied to your post “Dear Arrow fans who are mad at Laurel being on the season 3 poster, …”

lmao why wouldn’t she be? she’s the female lead. oh fandom.

The people I saw who were mad about it thought that the posted should only be the original Team Arrow aka just Oliver, Felicity and Diggle.


If we want to go ORIGINAL Team Arrow, we can’t have Felicity in there either because she didn’t join the team until towards the end of season 1. So it’d just be Oliver and Diggle.



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dknc3 replied to your post “Even thought it’s been hellishly hot the past few days, I’ve been…”

Never too hot for soup from Panera! Which one did you get?

Broccoli Cheddar! My favorite!

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